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What you could expect

Halve the cost and time
on recruitment

Hire the right staff the first time

Reduce your usage of agencies

Build a sustainable workforce

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We specialise in aged care and have created the technology to solve your staffing issues

CareBridge strictly works within the aged care sector, specialising in improving industry processes for both employers and workers. We’ve witnessed some aged care companies experience staff retention and reliability problems. That’s why we created our digital platform.

Our platform opens communication between employer and employee and allows us to find the right candidate for your job opening. We specialise in getting the right worker in the right job the first time around. We’re here to cut down the time and cost spent looking for high-quality, reliable workers. Carebridge screens all the carers on our platform, with their skills, qualities and resumes transparently outlined to make it easy for your company to choose the right person.

Our Services


CareBridge provides an end-to-end recruitment service, inclusive of sourcing, screening, matching, processing and onboarding. We bring your suitable candidates and assist with the hiring process.

Adaptable shift filling

With CareBridge’s digital platform you can fill long and short-term positions, build a temporary workforce or create a casual pool.

Workforce Pool

CareBridge can assist you in building a low maintenance talent pool, ensuring you avoid staff shortages and maintain the continuity of your company’s work.

Why we are the next-gen workforce solution for aged & health care

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Our AI algorithm is unparalleled in sourcing workers who fit your requirements.
  • Cost
    We provide recruitment agency service, while only charging the equivalent of a Seek hire commission.
  • Suitability
    We provide tailored candidates for your advertised roles, cutting down the time and energy you have to spend.
  • Our Mission
    Our goal is to assist you in finding qualified, dedicated workers who can help you provide the highest level of care for your patients.

How We Work


Leave the groundwork with us and only spend your valuable time with the suitable candidate

Workforce Database

Screened and profiled workers.

Processing system

End-to-end digital recruitment system to streamline the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence

Finding you the right candidates the first time around.

Temporary Shift Filling

Fill the gaps in your workforce and keep your continuity of care.

Suitable Workers

You can create groups of potential workers on our platform. So when you need a vacancy filled, you have candidates who are ready to go.


Prioritise the carers who are familiar with your workplace and patients.

Join Your Team

Select the workers you want with one click in our system.

Casual Pool

Create and maintain a responsive casual pool, so you’ll never be caught out and short-staffed again!

Our Features

Have your position posted on Seek, Indeed and social media at our cost.

Virtual interview, video chat interview, interview scheduler, instant messaging, automated referencing.

Rate and manage your temp worker. Invite them to join your team with all the recruitment features.

Continual improvement of AI algorithm, refining the output of suggested workers.

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AI screen, pre-interview and profile worker with HR assistance.

All onboarding tasks are covered, from sending an offer, to digital contracting, induction and onboarding training.

Post your vacancy request, and we’ll find you a selection of workers, providing you with updates along the way.

All personal and compliance information is screened and accessible to you on the platform.


Villa Dalmacia

Carebridge is an excellent easy to use platform for Aged Care employers. It has improved our recruitment efficiency by 50% and made recruitment more effortless and time-saving. The platform is easy to navigate, and you have great support from the team when required. I would highly recommend CareBridge if you are looking for an easy way to source new employees.

Perth Care and Companion Company

Perth Care + Companion Company (PCCC) have been using Carebridge as our main recruitment process for about a year. Being a lean organisation with minimal administration staff, we have benefited from the efficiencies and reduction in the manpower required in the recruitment and onboarding process. We really love how the virtual interview with potential candidates and then the compliance information is available for us to view prior to a face to face interview with PCCC. Having all information regarding staff, electronically, prior to onboarding is fantastic and has saved us chasing up staff for all their paperwork. All paperwork, from resume/compliance and then to contract information available in one place is very effective. We believe that from a potential staff perspective that it is also efficient having everything electronic, even giving them the ability to choose an interview time from a range of times that suit the staff and PCCC. We have found the staff at CareBridge responsive to our feedback or queries, always trying to improve for the user and organisation. We intend to continue to use CareBridge and have recommended to many of our colleagues from other organisations (both in Home Care and Residential Aged Care)”.

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