Perth Care and Companion Company

Perth Care + Companion Company (PCCC) have been using Carebridge as our main recruitment process for about a year. Being a lean organisation with minimal administration staff, we have benefited from the efficiencies and reduction in the manpower required in the recruitment and onboarding process. We really love how the virtual interview with potential candidates and then the compliance information is available for us to view prior to a face to face interview with PCCC. Having all information regarding staff, electronically, prior to onboarding is fantastic and has saved us chasing up staff for all their paperwork. All paperwork, from resume/compliance and then to contract information available in one place is very effective. We believe that from a potential staff perspective that it is also efficient having everything electronic, even giving them the ability to choose an interview time from a range of times that suit the staff and PCCC. We have found the staff at CareBridge responsive to our feedback or queries, always trying to improve for the user and organisation. We intend to continue to use CareBridge and have recommended to many of our colleagues from other organisations (both in Home Care and Residential Aged Care)”.

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