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Ensure Compliance While Streamline the Recruitment Process

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Improving New Hire Retention and Productivity

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Reducing Recruitment Costs and Labour

We Feel Your Strain

Navigating Quantity vs. Quality:

It's easy to get swamped reviewing applicants who just don't fit what you're looking for.

Drowning in the Process, Missing the Right Ones:

When you're bogged down with documents and processes, the best candidates can slip right by.

The Detail Dilemma:

You like to know more about each candidate, but without the time or the right approach, it's nearly impossible.

New Hires Struggling from the Start:

A bumpy onboarding can leave newcomers feeling lost and unhappy, which isn't good for anyone.

About Us

At CareBridge, understanding your struggles isn’t just part of our job—it’s part of our history. Our team comprises executives and specialists who have faced the same industry challenges as you.

We operate where compliance intersects with care, believing that your time is best spent with people, not processes. Our commitment is to strengthen the bond between care providers, recipients, and caregivers.

We pledge to be the driving force behind care providers, equipping them with data-driven, AI-powered solution for improved efficiency. Our approach streamlines workforce management, allowing care providers to concentrate on what’s truly important—delivering outstanding care.

The Value CareBridge Brings to Your Team

RightFit Hire

Industry Specific

Our AI recruiter tailored with specialised training to meet the care sector’s unique requirements.

Role Specific

Our AI recruiter is finely tuned for role specificity, understanding the distinct nuances between different care and clinical roles.

Organisation Specific

Our AI recruiter is tailored to each organisations unique preferences and requirements, continually learning and adapting to meet your needs.

Compliance Ready

Ready-to-Go Compliance

Our system automatically collects and verifies candidate credentials, ensuring compliance with easy effort on your end.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Our system tailors compliance requirements to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Compliance Monitor

Our system monitors compliance and training document expirations, notifying the related parties to ensure renewal and compliance.

Improve Retention

Effective Onboarding

Our focus extends beyond the onboarding checklist, we prioritise a fast and supportive transition for new hires into their new workplace

Collaborative Onboarding

Embedding a supportive team culture from the start, our onboarding is a streamlined and transparent journey, engaging related parties to welcome and guide the new hire.

Employee Satisfaction

Our system actively tracks new hires’ experiences, alerting managers to provide support, address challenges, and ensure the satisfaction of the new employee.

How We Work

1. Sourcing

Single job post access to job boards, career page, a fast-growing 30,000-care dedicated CareBridge marketplace, community groups, social media, and referral programs.

2. Matching

AI-powered analysis blends candidate profiling, virtual interviews, and the pre-screening Chatbot to identify and recommend the best-fit and qualified candidates.

3. Hiring

Streamline the hiring process with our integrated applicant tracking system that also handles compliance checks.

4. Retaining

Deliver a user-friendly and effective onboarding experience, tracking new hires’ workplace experience to promptly address challenges and ensure job satisfaction.

Our Features

AI analyses the care provider’s profile and user behaviour, refining recommendations through historical data, continually learning to enhance matching accuracy.
Analyses a mix of candidate information including personal, professional profiles, and outcomes from AI-driven pre-screening processes.

Our pre-screening chatbot engages candidates interactively to gather insights beyond the resume and application form, ensuring a deeper analysis for rightfit recommendations.

The virtual interview assesses candidates’ soft skills, role comprehension, and professional knowledge, providing a well-rounded candidate evaluation.
Securely guides candidates in submitting and automatically verifies the accuracy of required compliance documents, prompting for resubmission as needed.
On satisfactory preliminary check, verifies compliance information with authoritative channels to ensure full compliance.
Streamlines reference checks, ensuring the submitted referee meet requirements and proactively follows up with candidates and referees for timely completion.
All candidate information and documents are encrypted, securely stored, and access is strictly controlled.
Integrated Application Tracking System specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the care sector.
Easily connects to your HR and Payroll System through API integration for a seamless HR management experience.
Post job openings to multiple channels including candidate pool, job boards, career page, referrals, and CareBridge’s workforce pool with a single click.

Streamlines the entire recruitment process from job posting, interview scheduling, compliance and reference checks, to digital contracting and onboarding.

Customisable onboarding pathways based on the role, allowing for a tailored experience for each new hire.
Facilitate a streamlined and transparent onboarding process that engages management and team members to offer support and induction to new hires.
Continuously tracking the new employee’s workplace experience, reporting to managers to proactively support and address any challenges encountered.
Streamlined onboarding by ensuring new employees receive their information packets, and that all onboarding information and documents are collected and verified for compliance and payroll.

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